Meet the authors

Until recently, I was a school librarian in Glasgow. I am now a Ph.D. student at the University of Strathclyde, back where I did my Information & Library Studies MSc, and I am loving it! I am investigating everyday information seeking behaviour in adolescents. I also have special interests in youth library services, library ethics, and professionalism in librarianship.
I have been known to claim to have special secret librarian powers (e.g. when asked by a pupil how do I know which books everyone has borrowed – wouldn’t want to spoil the illusion!). However, my real strengths are in catering for reluctant readers and struggling readers, and in the creative side: library marketing, displays, competitions, promotions – all the fun stuff! Libraries are all about people if you ask me, that little conversation with a kid about some book they’re really excited about, no time spent chatting to a child or teen about reading is wasted time. There is huge value in that kind of interaction and we’re not very good at valuing that or in demonstrating the value of that to others (e.g. those who would make cuts to services). I’m interested in how can we better demonstrate the value of that kind of library work.
As a school librarian in Glasgow, I am passionate about giving children and teenagers a reading experience that will not bore, intimidate, patronise or disappoint them. I strongly believe that there is a book out there for every child, even the one who sulkily slopes in every week, decrying the disgusting activity of reading. My job is to find their book for them. A bigger delight than that is to find existing bookworms that I can mould into the voracious adult readers who will, of course, rule the world!
Information and research skills are also a passion – my aim is to eradicate the “copy and paste” culture. No pressure then….

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