A couple of news items

6 Feb

Yesterday, Feb 5, was Save Our Libraries Day.

This article details the response to proposed branch closures in England, including an overnight protest:

At New Cross Library, in south-east London, protesters taking part in an earlier “read-in” resolved to occupy the library overnight. Three security guards have been brought in to stay in the library with the group.

This article describes action in the town square in Bolton, including spontaneous singing.

Here’s an interactive map of the protests that were planned for Save Our Libraries Day. Notice that only one was in Scotland. Why is that? Also, it was organised by Scottish authors and illustrators, not librarians. Again, why? Scottish librarians are not immune to cuts; there is a plan in East Ayrshire to cut school librarian posts:

Budget cut plans identify a £60,000 saving next year through a “restructuring of the library support services across schools”.

This would mean nine qualified librarian posts across East Ayrshire being replaced by two chartered librarians and seven library assistants.

It is interesting that the biggest publicity for all this comes from authors. Surely we could cobble together at least 30 librarians to have a protest?

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