Library Book Care

29 Nov

Something to cheer us up on a wintery day!

Dear Pupils, when using library books, please try to stick to these simple rules:

1) Librarians like to know who has been using a book so be sure to write your name inside the cover. And all over the back cover. Add the names of your three best mates. And the boy you have a crush on.

2) Bookmarks are for wimps! Try cheese slices or perhaps some wafer-thin ham. Be sure to leave this in when you return the book fo the librarian can admire your ingenuity

3) The longer you keep your library book, the happier the librarian will be. Just imagine how popular you will be if you keep a book for 6 months or more!

4) Keep your books clean: give them a bath. Of Irn bru.

5) If you like a particular page, tear it out and keep it in a safe place for future reference.

6) Library books are free spirits! Return them to their natural wild habitat, such as playground puddles or gym changing rooms.

7) It is polite to leave a little snack for the librarian. A jaffa cake between pages 77 and 78, for example, would be most appreciated.

8 ) Librarians have a very juvenile sense of humour. Keep them entertained with some rude drawings.

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